The Power of Anonymity!

The power of anonymity!  Since my first post, I’ve been pondering the tremendous opportunity that anonymity provides!  I would love to have people following my post.  I could tell my friends I’ve started a blog.  I could post it on Facebook.  But as I was thinking such thoughts I could also feel the force of self-censorship tightening it’s grip as I thought of all the things I might like to say but couldn’t say if this person or that person read my blog.

Anonymity on the other hand?  What would I do with that?  Seriously?  What WOULD I do with it?  I actually don’t know!  I could enter that world where you get to say whatever you want about whatever you want, without restraint or censorship, without concern that you might be misunderstood, or that people might think that you’re interests, beliefs and very nature is in conflict with itself, without being concerned about saying something that might reflect badly upon myself, my profession, as a representative of my school, or a representative of my faith.  Would I be wildly abandoned to express my thoughts and ponderings, my passions and amusements, or would I still self-censor?  More to the point…. will I?  Fellow bloggers…do you?

You know, I have NO idea what I want to write about in this space that is ‘pearlsofdelerium’, but I’m actually pretty keen to embark upon an experiment…. a journey…. into the world of anonymity.  To be honest, I don’t even know if I can do ‘NO SELF CENSORSHIP’, but I’m dead keen to give it a try and see what I find there.  Excited even….and frightened too.  So, should I actually gain any followers without broadcasting my blog……..WATCH THIS SPACE!

Anon.    😉


Not Too Late

Hooray!  Hooray!  It took some serious fiddling around, but I have finally just taken my first step to navigating this new and unfamiliar territory of both blogging AND WordPress.  I’ve been sitting here for ages, simply trying to figure out HOW TO TYPE SOMETHING ON HERE!!!!  Well here I am, for the world to read.

Today, I’m just going to babble while I get the hang of this.  Apologies in advance.  But I’m looking forward to having a forum that I can sit down to and write regularly.  Allow me to introduce myself….well, to the degree that I’m prepared to online.  I am mum, singer, songwriter, school teacher, writer, lover of colour and sound…..lover of much and accomplished in very little.

I am reaching that blessed period of life where children are becoming independent and I can foresee a future where I actually get to focus on some of the things I have always wanted to do.  I have been asking myself this year, “If I had no fear, no inhibitions and no financial restraints, what would I most want to do?”  Well, that’s easy.  From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a singer.  And from about the age of 15, I romanticised about being a writer.  So MY TIME is about to begin, and I suppose I grapple with hesitations about whether or not it is too late already.

I imagine this blog will be a place to contemplate my navel in a lot of ways, to share the pearls I learn along the way, and to hopefully explore some thoughts that might become the substance for some serious writing.  I work full-time as a school teacher.  I teach Mathematics of all things.  Funny profession for someone whose heart is set on being a musician/writer!!!!  But despite the shackles of marking Maths tests, lesson planning and staff meetings, I decided this year to begin my journey towards what my heart most desires, in the hope that it is not too late just yet.  I suppose here, I will track it and keep myself accountable.  Who knows, I might write something that might just inspire someone else to do the same!