FArt Exhibition

Monday:  Art Exhibition

Tuesday: Art Exhibition

Wednesday: Art Exhibition

Thursday: Art Exhibition

Friday: Art Exhibition

Such was the noticeboard in the staffroom this week.  Upon reading it, I decided within about the first five seconds that it was begging for an ‘F’ and I was just the person to deliver it!

Now you’ve got to understand the place where I work.  There are rules!  There is appropriateness.  “No toilet humour” is actually one of the rules and books have been pulled out of the library for less than ‘art exhibitions’ with fs.  Parents complain when a teacher burps.  I should know.  My best friend has been hauled into the principal’s office numerous times over her indigestion issues!

I needed to break the rules!!!!!  I needed to show them how petty their lives were that they would have kittens over …….

Monday:  FArt Exhibition

Tuesday: FArt Exhibition

Wednesday: FArt Exhibition

Thursday: FArt Exhibition

Friday: FArt Exhibition

They did not fail to deliver.  Come staff briefing this morning……. pontificating announcement about the inappropriateness and unprofessionalism of a ‘FArt Exhibition’.  To be honest, I would pay money to go to a FArt Exhibition, so long as gas masks were provided!

And speaking of masks…well didn’t they come down as the chinks in the professional armour were revealed and secret high fives were offered when I’d quietly whisper ‘It was ME!!!’

At my place of work, I’m discovering more and more, there are kindred spirits, who don their mask each day to be what they perceive our place of employment wants them to be or what they need to be to gain the approval of the pontificating few.  They get around lonely and isolated because no one can see enough of who they are to even gravitate to them.

“To thine own self be true” wrote William Shakespeare.

You know the awesome thing about that F?  The awesome thing about that F was that today masks came down.  That’s the beautiful thing about casting aside a mask.  It creates a chain reaction….a domino effect if you will.  When someone is willing to throw down a mask, others fine the courage to do so too.  When one person is brave enough to be their silly, juvenile, immature self with a whiteboard marker and an F, regardless of whether it is approved or disapproved, other people start to find the courage to crawl out from their caves and be loud and proud and say, “This is who I am!”  “High five for the whiteboard marker and the F!  A kindred spirit at last!”

“To think own self be true” creates friends, creates family, tears down barriers, ends isolation, inspires creativity…….. and creativity leads to…… well what can I say……..  to FArt Exhibitions!


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