I’m doing it

Well, I said, “Watch this space” and then the space went blank!!!!  Or did it?  It certainly did in terms of the written word, but the story has continued.  I have constantly encouraged my children to chase their dreams and that they should not ever give up on them.  And I have finally decided that I need to not only talk about it but set an example of it.

I have resigned from my teaching position of 14 years and am branching out into the unknown.  I’m practising like mad, have bought myself a new guitar amp, a stomp box and a gorgeous tenor ukulele and next week I hit the recording studio to record my very own demo disc!  I’m off to Alice Springs to stay with my uncle for some R&R time and six months of solid working on the things I have wanted to do for ages, one of them being making sure I get at least one weekly gig and seeing if I can get a bit of a following.  So I’m launching out into my brilliant music career! After the six months I head interstate yet again to find my final landing place.  The plan will be to find a job that supports my passion and not try to fit in my passion with my job. At age 46, I’m stepping out into unknown territories and changing everything!

Who knows where the journey will take me.  It seemed everything around me was leading me to this decision and then once I made the decision, all of those strong, “Go this way” signs disappeared.  I kept thinking, “Hey!  It would be nice if they were still here to remind me to keep on going!”  So even though the doubts scream at me “You can’t do this” I have made my decision and keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless.  And each time I pick up the guitar or sing the blues, I start to feel more alive and am gradually starting to believe, “Yes, I can do this. This is what I was born for.”

So here I go!